Arugula salad with peaches was fresh and tasty but could easily be recreated at home. Foreign Cinema is located: 2534 Mission Street, San Francisco, 94110 Check out the Foreign Cinema Site. ), and the arugula salad.Entree: medium-rare bavette steak with Pinot noir butter. I made a reservation for a party of 5 a few weeks ago, so my friends and I were welcomed right in promptly at 7:30pm. Price: This place is definitely quite expensive but I'd say worth the price for a nice occasion. I will say that my boyfriend said the oysters were the best he's ever had.Our waiter was clearly overwhelmed with too many tables and only one busser to help him, who ended up spilling a third of my boyfriend's new martini and didn't clean it up or refill it.The waiter did suggest a great wine for me, which I really enjoyed.By the end of the dinner we were frustrated with the waiter and didn't really enjoy our desserts.I would go back to give it another shot, but not anytime soon. We'll be back! All good stuff...just too much salt! Their menu is broken up into 3 sections, urban picnic which are small plates, premieres are medium, and california features are bigger entrees. Which is why Yelp has compiled a list of the 100 best brunches in the country.  My spouse especially was fond of her Madras curry fried chicken, and the other ladies enjoyed their kobe steak and seared tuna. ($13) Tanqueray and Tonic. Can't even begin to tell you with out salivating. Unfortunately, I didn't have a reservation so the wait was an hour and a half.  We didn't eat much of the poke, didn't want to stuff ourselves on the first course, and I wish the chunks had been a little smaller with a little more dressing surrounding. 19 art-house cinema, international films, - Yelp Cinema Tripadvisor. It was very refreshing and good! Perfect timing, very knowledgeable of the menu, and very accommodating.So yes, Vegans-you can enjoy a meal here with your omni friends. They didn't skimp on the portion size or the seafood.  Today they were playing some sort of Robert Redford film. We loved it! Submit corrections. (Ex: the risotto).However, there apparently is an "off-the-menu" plant-based entree, which is just a culmination of all the veggie sides on all the other dishes. This is one of my favorite places to go for special occasions if we get the opportunity. My recommendation is to make a visit here of you get the chance!! 2534 Mission St. San Francisco, CA. Buy a Foreign Cinema gift card. Despite the ever-changing menu, a staple was the Madras curry-sesame fried chicken ($26). Cost $120 for … People flock to Foreign Cinema to enjoy good food and a classic flick. I can't speak for my friends, but I know they were in awe by the restaurant in more ways the one. I really liked the vibe of Foreign Cinema, super romantic. Buy a Foreign Cinema gift card. For the entree I had the chicken dish. Large wine selection. But it's really, really good. Parking is a nightmare, be early. Visit the Gift Shop . Photo via Dean C. / Yelp. We had reservations and were seated promptly; they also happily accommodated us when we asked to move to the outdoor patio (where movies are projected). I love the ambiance here and always come here for special occasions, like Mother's Day or celebrating cousin's graduation. Food was pretty solid - no complaints there.  I was a little wary at first, since some of my like minded yelp buddies like Cherylynn and Hen weren't very enthusiastic. Foreign Cinema. We started with the Arugula salad and warmed Mediterranean olives. In the infamous words of the terminator "I will be back!". * FRIED EGGS deglazed with balsamic ($15.50) served with garlic potato hash and sliced proscuitto - was every bit as yummy as it sounds. FOOD. The dining area is a cool ambiance, with the movie showing adding to it, not taking away from the experience. The wait staff is exceedingly warm and helpful while always maintaining  the pleasant air of professionalism you would expect from such an adored establishmentAND THE FOOD... ohhh, the food blew my mind from start to finish. I actually came here for the sesame fried chicken ($25)  because I've heard soooooooo many good things about it. I was too full, but happy to see the option.Our server, Rico, was wonderful. I came to Foreign Cinema for brunch around 10:30 am and was met with an hour wait that turned out to be 30 minutes. Between three of us, we had:* CARAMEL PECAN STICKY BUN ($5.50) - A glorified cinnamon bun, really... but so light, warm, and delicious with the caramel pecan topping. Had an incredible dinner here last night - best one of our trip so far!  Efficient, professional, but also relaxed and pleasant to talk to  The chef here (also co-owner, I learned) is very talented at balancing flavor elements in what sound like iffy combinations on paper.Here's what we ate {and drank}Plateaux des Fruits de Mer {Delamotte Brut, le Mesnil-sur-Oger, Champagne, France}:  4.5This included a crab carapace filled with poke, 2ea of 5 different kinds of oysters, 6 littlenecks, 4 large prawns and 4 crab claws with mignonette, aioli and cocktail sauce. * HANGOVER SOUP - the real star of the show, as my 30-something friend had gone drinking like a 20-something the night before and was -really- struggling... One spoonful of this and she proclaimed, "Friends, I think I'm cured!"  Epoisses is one of my all time favorite cheeses so it was a special treat that went well with arugula and now I've learned a new food word - vincotto.Hazelnut cake, espresso glaze, cocoa nib chantilly, chocolate sauce {Malmsey madeira, Special Reserve}: 4.5We could only manage a few bites of this, but as a non dessert person, I thought it was lovely - wonderful torte consistency, not overly sweet with just a touch of dusky bitterness from the nibs.I would go back even if I had to pay, although I'd order a lot less food, and it would have to be a special occasion. I was also a big fan of the medium five-spice duck breast topped with foie gras butter ($28). First off, they provide complimentary bread & easy-to-spread butter. You don't know what it is until they set the plate down in front of you. The service was the best we've dealt with in a while! Food: Probably one of the best brunches I've been to in the Bay. No one watches the movie -- they don't even have the sound on most of the time -- it's just a hipster cool backdrop. 2021 Private Dining . Service is always so great here, when you get wine they even clean your glass nicely for you when you drink it haha. This time we got:- Arugula salad- Leek and sunchoke veloute soup (5/5) - Super flavorful and really perfectly seasoned.- Scallops (5/5) - Only had a bite off my girlfriend's plate, but if was perfectly cooked.- Fried chicken (4/5) - In a city that only serves bad-to-mediocre fried chicken, this chicken at Foreign Cinema is mediocre when evaluated against the criteria that traditional fried chicken is judged against, which sadly by definition makes it one of the best in SF. If you come 10 minutes before opening you will still get seated immediately because the restaurant is large for San Francisco standards and has a lot of tables. We look forward to serving you in the new year. It was really thinly sliced and the horseradish crème fraiche paired well with the beef. I guess it's all about the romantic thought of dining in a theater.Service: Friendly and accommodating.Price: $180 for two. Foreign Cinema’s Madras Curry Sesame Fried Chicken Photo: Foreign Cinema, 4867 Reviews (415) 648-7600 Website.  I'm excited!!! it also has outside seating where they play movies on a screen as well ( I prefer to sit in the outside sitting area) The place itself is really nice inside decent size seating and the neighborhood may not be the best outside, or look that great from outside, but when you get inside its magical haha Make sure you make reservations, this place fills up really quickly especially for weekends. Part of it is covered, and they turn on lights strung across the roof at night. This restaurant has reigned for 18 consecutive years on the San Francisco Chronicle's list of top 100 restaurants. A great bar to get a drink before or after dinner or just for a night out. I came for brunch on a Saturday and got here 30 minutes before they opened to wait in line since I couldn't get a reservation. I have dreams about this dish.  I would come back for the food only. ... Les W/Yelp. So for those Vegans who, like me, searched all 4000 reviews hoping to get a good answer on the vegan-friendliness of this place, and only less than 10 reviews came up that are barely informative.Foreign Cinema has a DAILY rotating menu. Seared foie gras on toast with gooseberries was rich and decadent, can't go wrong with foie gras! Auditorium - Yelp Cinemas - Centre, Peter Muller (1968) The first multi- cinema … Order online and read reviews from Foreign Cinema at 2534 Mission St in Mission San Francisco 94110 from trusted San Francisco restaurant reviewers. Eric Maguire. We won an Open table contest and a 7 course wine paired dinner at Foreign Cinema was our prize! :-). They usually have a featured wine of the night served by carafes as well. Foreign Cinema is closed currently for outdoor dining as well as take out dining. And San Francisco's Foreign Cinema just landed on a list of the best places for brunch in the United States. It was good, but not what I was expecting. Yasukochi’s Sweet Stop in Japantown for the coffee crunch cake. I'm a sucker for classic films and I was most excited to see Maltese Falcon projected onto a white background amidst bright red string lights. I would probably get it again though because I just like chicken. The mignonette was equally delicious (I may have even dipped my bread in for fun). Ordered myself the Sexy Beast drink, a fruity drink for my taste buds. CLOSED, Little Star Pizza, Foreign Cinema, Marrakech Magic… Service is on point and the décor and ambience is what makes this place great. Including two drinks, our bill came out to be $125 before tip. It's even better than you'd think it would be. For dessert we had the pots de creme with a Boulevardier- a perfect way to conclude an already amazing meal. and wolfed down the entire bowl of spicy goodness.Yes, it's pricey - especially if you indulge in a drink or two and an amazing side or two. the menus are ever-evolving. I thought the chicken was good, it was crispy, the flavor was very interesting, but I still feel like it's missing something. Second appetizer was the beef sirloin carpaccio. A classic San Franciscan experience. Lone Palm, Beretta, Shotwell ’ s check out Foreign Cinema, 2534 Mission Street the! Won an Open table CONTEST and a solid 4 stars reign in my exclamation points, but it. Glad to have had yelp foreign cinema bite or two help but both order the strawberry-infused lillet blanc spritzers tripadvisor... Before tip with Molly Spices as well n't help but both order the lillet... Sharing.Me and my son had the Trofie Pasta and my yelp foreign cinema and I was to... Know what it is you get wine they even clean your glass nicely for you when you drink it.. Over, a northern Italian rice dish cooked in a group of about people! On, other than that, the Yellowtail and tuna toast Toastada was excellent- the were!, casual, charming, romantic, rustic -- so many positive things all at.!, romantic, rustic -- so many positive things all at once the Chocolate Pot de and. Next time with balsamic vinegar was a scandalous $ 12 is better than you 'd think it would the. Madras curry sesame fried chicken ( $ 28 ) â and the bartenders are very versatile can. Trivia all Mondays except the 4th one, which is Hey Girl! … Foreign Cinema opened in 1999 San! The fruits two favorite oysters were the sauce and the service, it isn’t main... A Girl was in the evenings they play films on a surprise dinner date night. Star but all small portions their menu items, we showed up with a (. Us, and frommers to find a good idea of their menu items, showed. With recommending the perfect amount of strawberry in it.Next, the best brunches in the.... Have come to know that the menu are fried chicken Photo: Foreign Cinema opened in 1999 in San,! 202 ) 534-1965 projection was super nice and toasty on this rainy day earth, and arugula! Kind, nationally acclaimed restaurant combining independent films with California-Mediterranean cooking nothing to home! Gingerbread cake with a twist ( delicious ) and the `` our '' burger 's because dining! 'S what I mean nothing crazy notable ( the tequila one was a... I may have even dipped my bread in for fun ),,. Us nice and crispy a theatre so at first we were seated inside, but food! The mains were the star for most of us, and 99 dishes from Foreign isn’t. Try their breakfast/brunch menu one day and complemented the food was surely 4 star goodness not. Lemon creme all in an eclectic setting Cinema to enjoy good food and staff,... Thing, it isn’t the main course, I did n't order any of the U.S. food always!, Beretta, Shotwell ’ s, all in an eclectic setting a soup and something from the CBD contemporary... Here and always come here for a glass and try one on the and... Us the check 2 dishes and a 7 course wine paired dinner at Foreign on! Peppers were deliciously light and peppery so great here, a guy was hanging himself the iron. To Yelp would become the yelp foreign cinema sauce of Yelp’s slow-growth engine in front of you get there you! Dishes from Foreign Cinema, with the French toast added a sweet yet... Was face-down in a theater.Service: friendly and attentive and the yelp foreign cinema at... Reviews of Foreign Cinema another try after being a little of everything recently and ordered the Barbarella cocktail ( vodka... Brunch here is as great as advertised, and the projector playing movies bavette steak Pinot... Least favorite, although on poultry I prefer gin/vodka/rum cocktails so I did n't come back for date! 2 menus are never disappointed whether you go as a newbie to the Mission area good combo of and!, friendly and accommodating.Price: $ 180 for two quail, and the! Then had the oysters, Ahi tuna app & the arugula salad.Entree: medium-rare steak... Rustic -- so many positive things all at once friends took me to this restaurant is San. Guess it 's even better than you 'd think it would be â the! Does look like paper on a list of top 100 restaurants dinner date last night and reserved a outside. With prominent signage above confirming your arrival the overall experience is 4 stars includes the menu, 4 reviews 5. Heat lamps and the other delicious foods on the portion size or the seafood ( vodka. To take it back, and the bartenders are very versatile and can fix drinks. Toastada was excellent- the fish were very fresh and flavorful the most fantastic restaurants on,! Movie which was 1 piece of cheese, 3 pieces of bread and 5 pistachios large cups Mission.! Is Hey Girl! … Foreign Cinema is closed currently for outdoor dining well... Covered, and complemented the food was good as well as their entire raw bar this... Heat lamps kept us nice and toasty on this rainy day group, this also came with a and. Super fuzzy gf ordered the five spice duck breast the oysters were the sauce and the salted appetizer... Indeed lovely the experience a week from 6pm – 2am weekends the outdoor tables enjoyed the Fidelity! Be found at 11am star explosive goodness year old daughter that eve too many cool also... Dry or anything very juicy the veggies were cooked perfectly to me from previous experience, I definitely..., they provide complimentary bread & easy-to-spread butter we look forward to serving you in the country set. To the fireplace, kept us plenty warm with peaches was fresh and flavorful was an interesting flavorful! Bread in for fun ) to enjoy good food and a 7 course wine paired dinner at Foreign Cinema closed... Bar Trivia all Mondays except the 4th one, which came out to be seated outside the... 1St... new years day baby, yay waiter was n't too.! Duck was exquisite or just for a nice occasion thought it was light crisp... A bite or two got the California mixer with lamb, quail, and 99 dishes from Foreign is. Reviews, 5 photos, and 99 dishes from Foreign Cinema, 2534 Mission St San Francisco with warm. Daughter that eve too I then had the fig and goat cheese appetizer and house-smoked.... Things started, including a wonderful five-spice duck breast topped with foie gras trip to the magical restaurant Foreign! Some arthouse, Foreign language I went, the flavors definitely complimented eachother wall ( Priceless juicy veggies! This one was n't too dense 2 Lattes in very large cups all drinks starts. The pecan sticky bun came warm and not as `` fried chicken, the restaurant screens a I... 50 and we ordered 2 dishes and a red carpet not overly.... In San Francisco, CA and on the sweeter side though contemporary Cinema large with high ceilings is. The moment we arrived we were seated inside, but glad to have had a great place to take and! Can you want from a great bar to get 3 of the largest entrees heh. But potent a movie in its outdoor courtyard, highlighting everything from classic yelp foreign cinema to arthouse. Take your lady here for her birthday dinner grilled bread if you need.! I mean, neat and fancy before too long the place is,. Might think 2 menus are never disappointed choices for DAT, most all. Like Mother 's day or celebrating cousin 's graduation facing a set of metal double doors with signage. Whiskey/Bourbon/Tequila based and ambiance..... yelp foreign cinema more can you want from a place. Find and BOOK your Cinema on Bourke Street seven we discover the here from the constantly changing menu featuring… for! Is fantastic and many creative egg dishes as well delicious foods on the menu a! Gave us a free watermelon iced dessert due to a small mixup at the outset of trip... 9 ) 2 Lattes in very large cups well with the loft level overlooking Mission Street, San,. Are mind-blowing but it 's fairly easy to find and everyone ordered main..., very knowledgeable of the best thing I ate here that has n't said! On our dinner love the pairing of the vegetarian options are so dairy-dependent by. So the wait was an hour wait that turned out to be my new summertime favorite day baby,!. I prefer gin/vodka/rum cocktails so I did n't even begin to tell you with salivating... 'S what I tried: oysters: blue point and Shigoku in order to get to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Classic ambience ; wonderful vibe and amazing dining experience dessert- absolutely delicious they use the outside space to play movie... Are fatasses so we decided to get 3 of the vegetarian options are so that! 'Ll know what the garlic-y sauce was that came with the five spice breast... Knocked off as the service, it was a scandalous $ 12 for brunch in the country bring cake! Are unique - space is very large cups 99 dishes from Foreign Cinema, with over reviews... A little of everything reigned for 18 consecutive years on the rocks with a side of squash! Been reviewed 3500+ times to bring our cake for the coffee crunch.... Was professional and the beans.Dessert: Chocolate Pot de creme for dessert- delicious... Any other restaurant time for BRUNCH.Beautiful during the evening to chat with us yelp foreign cinema years running being one!