DJ Clintoris

DJ Clintoris likes sexy music on the dance floor.

DJ Clintoris mixing at Bar Sake DJ Clintoris Picture

DJ Clintoris came about his name by finally caving on the issue of being called Clit. DJ Clit, DJ Clitoris, and everything else I constantly heard was not cerebral enough, so Clintoris was settled upon. Already a proponent of sexual music after growing up listening to Lords of Acid, Type O-Negative, and Dee Lite, it was easy to find the approprite groove in the genres of deep, progressive, and tribal house records.

Years of collecting and perfecting developed a more broad and diverse collection, with the eventual re-exploration of old rock and roll. From the explorations in old jams came a desire to start a wedding and event dj company. Forever Vinyl DJs of Kansas City became the focus of attention as the gear addiction set in. Now DJ Clintoris has two complete sound rigs which can be combined to make a larger rig, and includes lighting and other industry specialties.

Mixing records at Bar Sake changed the game forever. After an offer in late 2005 from Bartender and DJ Mark Hylton, DJ Clintoris negotiated a residency to be in charge of Thursday nights at bar Sake. The night was a rage, with more people every week even though we were playing only electronic music in Johnson County. See past pics and videos.

The Power and Light District was stamped upon Kansas City circa 2007 as the bubble was bursting. Little did we know, our KC leadership altered the liquor license to disallow live shows unless a bar makes over $250,000 per year. PNL also became the only place with a license to have outdoor beverages. We knew they cut a tax deal, but now the venues risked their liquor license if they didn't apply for a live show license. This caused small bars to not be able to feature bands and DJs, thus reducing their revenue, forcing closure, in the hopes of gaining that business. Shady to the core. Look up the DJ Jazzy Jeff incident. One night I was denied entry wearing CK baggy pants and a crisp white tee-shirt. The band on the stage was dressed worse than me among the crowds of yups. Avoid the PNL that each city has like the plague.

After residency at a couple shady clubs, DJ Clintoris is re-focusing on larger events involving rock climbing and mountain biking with camping. With a festival mood going, night entertainment from bands and djs, life could not get any better. Do you have a desire to work out some events this year or next? Let's start planning now.

Pick a genre and let the funk begin. Check out the other sites in my world and follow Clint Richard White on facebook.

finishing my Environmental Science Bachelor at UMKC, so forgive the lack of current material.