DJ Clintoris Links Page

DJ Clintoris has Grooves Made for Dancefloors.

The following websites are either business or personal pages for DJ Clintoris, with some other prime sites mixed in. Follow the links within links for more info. Contact me by email to be included on this page or for advertising.

Forever Vinyl DJs of Kansas City

My fiancee, DJ Clint Richard White, offers a DJ service based on vinyl and turntables with classic hits on real records. He brings 12 inch LPs, 45 rpm singles, and computers with back up music.

DJs 4 Kansas City

My fiancee, DJ Clint Richard White, with a digital DJ service.

Faulted Geologist

Clint's Rock Climbing and Mountain Biking website. Future plans include throwing outside festivals incorporating extreme sports and evening entertainment by bands and djs. Contact DJ Clintoris for more ideas, and follow the links in this website.